Royal London House, Finsbury Square, London

ClientMontcalm Hotel Group
SectorArchitecture - Hotels
ValueNot disclosed

The proposal comprises of the upgrade of the existing office building Royal London House, 22-25 Finsbury Square, London Borough of Islington and its change of use to a five star hotel of 256 rooms, including extension at roof level. The proposal contains business services and leisure facilities as well as a destination restaurant associated with five star hotels.

Royal London House is locally listed and is partly within the Islington Bunhill Fields and Finsbury Square Conservation Area. There are also a number of statutory listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest within the vicinity of the site.

The proposal aims to enhance the character of the conservation area. The proposed new built form at roof level will complement the scale and character of the host building and also restore a greater sense of balance to the overall composition of locally listed buildings located along the north side of Finsbury Square.

The proposed extension responds with great consideration to the rhythm and scale of the existing building. The design of the proposed new elements, in terms of their positioning, form, massing, scale, height and use of materials, has been devised in order to establish a visually distinct and subservient relationship with the retained stone faced facade of the host building below.

The proposed design recognises the opportunity for different treatments to the facade between daytime and nighttime. The nature of the building’s new function means its use changes from the previous office hours to 24 hour occupancy. This is expressed by mediating between an emphasised colonnade during the day which gradually softens in the evening merging into a back lit glazed clerestory.

Planning Application was submitted in October 2012.